Training at Texas Image Sand gives athletes and individuals increased strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility – building on the forms of conditioning applicable to an individual’s sport or life activities and selecting the right types of training and the most specific exercises for each person is an important – core practice at our facility.

Texas Image Sand believes athletic training is a measured combination of strength, power, endurance, speed and flexibility conditioning – not all forms of conditioning are applicable to all sports or life activities. We’ll focus on the right combination of traditional, resistance and functional training to maximize an athlete or individuals coordination, range of motion, muscle contraction and speed of movement, all important energy-conserving principles. At Texas Image Sand  – we’ll help you find the right path towards maximizing your fitness goals.

  • Private Sessions

    One-On-One Training
    By Appointment Only!!

  • Junior Performance Sessions

    Monday through Thursday sessions are now closed for 2022 season

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  • Jump/Plyometric Training

    To Be Announced

    By Appointment Only!!

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    For more information please contact Ray Longee at or 972-606-4662 x249.

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