Texas Image Club Sand is for all junior beach volleyball athletes, beginner to advanced. We offer multiple program options allowing for flexible workout schedules. Workouts focus on beach volleyball skills such as setting, hitting, serving,  back court defense, pulling defense, ball control, blocking, shot making and game sense.

Fall through Spring the training will be concentrated on development of each individuals’ technical skills to create well-rounded beach athletes proficient at all of the skills. Partners are not required. Coaching staff will partner athletes when necessary. Collegiate recruiting support is included.


Register by clicking on ‘x per week’ practice link below or at the first practice you attend.

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    Club Sand Athletes have a flexible training schedule with one, two or three practices per week. Change your practice days when necessary to make up for schedule conflicts.

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    Club Sand Athletes are instructed by an elite group of coaches who are as passionate about the game as the players are. Our coaching staff is second to none and are selected first based on their ability to teach. We of course are proud of all our coaches’ personal accomplishments playing the game but are most impressed with their teaching skills.

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    Club Sand Athletes train year-round in the largest indoor sand training facility in Texas. The weather doesn’t interfere with your efforts to grow your skills. Experience why athletes in every sport around the globe are training indoors today. Making physiological adjustments as we move indoors to out and back, is a normal part of our daily human experience.

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    Texas Image Sand is a safe, family-friendly environment for young athletes to train.


    May 4th – July 26th, 2020


    14 & Younger
    Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 6:00 – 8:00 pm

    15 & Older
    Mondays/Wednesdays 8:00 – 10:00 pm

    Tuesdays/Thursdays 4:00 – 6:00 pm

    Sundays all ages Noon – 2:00 pm

  • COST

    CLUB FULL SUMMER (May 4 thru July 26)

    3 per week $960; 2 per week $780; 1 per week $460

    CLUB EARLY SUMMER (May 4 thru June 14)

    3 per week $500; 2 per week $400; 1 per week $230

    CLUB LATE SUMMER (June 14 thru July 26)

    3 per week $500; 2 per week $400; 1 per week $230



    September 3rd – November 17th, 2019

    No practice: October 31, 2019


    Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:00pm – 9:00pm

    Sundays Noon – 2:00pm


  • COST

    3 per week $TBA ($TBA due at signing, $TBA due by October 15th)

    2 per week $TBA ($TBA due at signing, $TBA due by October 15th)

    1 per week $TBA ($TBA due at signing, $TBA due by October 15th)


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